We have been behind some of the most interesting events in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. MN4MN Fashion Weekend was the largest fashion show event, with over 1,000 attendees, 20 makers, 30 models, and 16 designers. The MN4MN Blank Canvas Project aims to explore the intersection of art, design, fashion, and photography. The project invited Minnesota-based artists, photographers, designers, and models to collaborate on a showcase of inspiration and creativity. We also created Hand Dipped By Arianne Zager C/O MN4MN Blank Canvas and launched the Right Justified clothing brand.


MN4MN is also behind SNT (pronounced Saint), which is a new lifestyle brand creating unique pop-ups focused on innovative nightlike experiences and experiential events. The first events focused on art, cocktails, and music. SNT will also host a series of dinner parties in different locations, each with a unique activation. To learn more and sign up to get notified of future events, please visit

Read below for highlights of different MN4MN events.


MN4MN Fashion Weekend was a two-day extravaganza of fashion, entertainment, and shopping held at The Shops At West End Tents. The event showcased top models strutting the runway in the latest collections from renowned designers and boutiques, including Cheryl Shohet Designs, Christopher Straub, Duluth Pack, Emma Berg, Faribault Woolen Mill, Freedom From Doubt, Hackwith Design House, Handsome Cycles, Marked Leather, Oh Dier, Oie Jewelry, Richard Anderson Design, Stephanie Lake Design, and Target.

Blank Canvas Exhibition #1

By expanding the role of sneakers from utilitarian fashion accessory to artistic inspiration to art itself, we reconsider an everyday item as art, encouraging appreciation for the art and craft that also informs the creation of fashion.

We selected 13 artists and 13 photographers to create something from a blank canvas, PF Flyer shoes.  There were no limitations.  The artists never even spoke until they came together on opening night.

The gallery exhibit premiered at the award-winning Public Functionary.  It had a second showing at the MIA during a Third Thursday.

Blank Canvas Exhibition #2

MN4MN Blank Canvas Project

MN4MN Blank Canvas Exhibition #2 continued the tradition of using an everyday item as a canvas for artistic inspiration. This year, the chosen item was a motorcycle helmet. Artists, photographers, and models collaborated to re-imagine the helmet from an essential safety accessory into a medium for artistic expression. The process of art and craft informed the creation of fashion.

  • 10 Artists
  • 10 Photographers
  • 10 Designers
  • 10 Models

Blank Canvas Exhibition #3

MN4MN Blank Canvas Exhibition #3 explored the intersection of design, art, and fashion by featuring a curated selection of Minnesota’s best designers, artists, and models in a unique collaboration.

In many African cultures, colorful prints have long represented a way in which stories were told. The wax fabrics are cultural mirrors showcasing everyday life. Additionally, various prints represent events honoring the beginning of life, the mingling of hearts, or the end. Using African prints as the backdrop for Blank Canvas 2017, artists and collaborators explored how these prints could be incorporated to reflect the diversity of influences in the Twin Cities, in addition to denim, an everyday staple.

Hand Dipped By Arianne Zager C/O MN4MN Blank Canvas

Right Justified Brand Launch