Blank Canvas Exhibition

The MN4MN Blank Canvas Project aims to explore the intersection of art, design, fashion, and photography. The project invited Minnesota-based artists, photographers, designers, and models to collaborate on a showcase of inspiration and creativity.

Blank Canvas Exhibition #1

By expanding the role of sneakers from utilitarian fashion accessory to artistic inspiration to art itself, we reconsider an everyday item as art, encouraging appreciation for the art and craft that also informs the creation of fashion.

We selected 13 artists and 13 photographers to create something from a blank canvas, PF Flyer shoes.  There were no limitations.  The artists never even spoke until they came together on opening night.

The gallery exhibit premiered at the award-winning Public Functionary.  It had a second showing at the MIA during a Third Thursday.

Blank Canvas Exhibition #2

MN4MN Blank Canvas Project

We raised the stakes of what we want to do with the Blank Canvas Exhibition.  We are adding the need to use local designers and models in addition to the artists.  As in the previous year, artists and photographers did not speak until the gallery exhibition.

  • 10 Artists
  • 10 Photographers
  • 10 Designers
  • 10 Models

If you are an artist, photographer, designer, or model living and working in Minnesota, we want you to apply.  Please fill out the form below.  We look forward to seeing your work.

Blank Canvas Exhibition #3

This was the exhibit that remixed denim jackets using African print fabrics brought back from Nigeria, with artists using it in their work along with apparel designs by Gabriella Kalema.  

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