Blank Canvas Exhibition #2

MN4MN Blank Canvas Exhibition #2 continued the tradition of using an everyday item as a canvas for artistic inspiration. This year, the chosen item was a motorcycle helmet. Artists, photographers, and models collaborated to re-imagine the helmet from an essential safety accessory into a medium for artistic expression. The process of art and craft informed the creation of fashion.

The Blank Canvas project began with a motorcycle helmet given to each of the participating artists. The artists then remixed and recreated the helmets into fine art objects. This year’s featured artists included: Leslie Barlow, Aaron Brand, Ron Brown, Valerie Carpender, Jennifer Davis, Jesse Golfis, Corban Lundborg, Yuya Negishi, Christina Ridolfi, and Erin Sayer.

Ten photographers and ten models were then paired together to create a photo with the finished helmets. The featured photographers included: Wale Agboola, Jake Armour, William Clark, Nick Gallop, Jeff Johnson, Lauren Krysti, Chris McDuffie, Bobby Rogers, Laney Sheehan, and James Taylor.

The final helmet art objects and photographs were exhibited on Friday, September 23rd, at Public Functionary. The exhibition was part of the FashionWeekMN calendar. A fashion presentation with the ten models styled by featured fashions from a local boutique. The helmets and photographs were sold at the event.

Fashion Presentation