Blank Canvas Exhibition #1

MN4MN Blank Canvas Exhibition #1 aimed to explore the intersection of art, design, fashion, and photography. The project invited 13 local Twin Cities artists and photographers to collaborate on a showcase of inspiration and creativity.

By expanding the role of sneakers from a utilitarian fashion accessory to artistic inspiration to art itself, the project reconsidered an everyday item as art, encouraging appreciation for the art and craft that also informed the creation of fashion.

The final project involved two stages. In the first stage, 13 well-known Minnesota visual artists were given a pair of sneakers. The question posed to all of them began at the same starting point: “What does this object represent to you… and what does it inspire?”

Shoe Artists included: Aaron Brand, Adetomiwa Gbadebo, Christina Ridolfi, Corban Lundborg, Hilary Greenstein, Jendayi Berry, Jennifer Davis, John Alspach, Jordan Hamilton, Kate Renee, Shelly Mosman, Ta-coumba T. Aiken, and Yuya Negishi.

There were no limits to the final form of the object; the invitation was open to imagination and creativity. The outcome represented the many paths and outcomes of unique creative minds, starting from the same point.

In the second stage, the finished sneaker art objects were passed off to 13 Minnesota photographers who were invited to photograph the remixed/recreated artist-created sneaker objects into a fine art photograph. There were also no limits here to what and how the photographer chose to capture the sneakers.

Photographers include Chris McDuffie, Heather Byington, Jake Armour, Jayme Halbritter, Jeff Johnson, Jill Emmer, Kyle Liberman, Nick Gallop, Paul Johnson, Sarah White, Shelly Mosman, Tom Sadowski, and William Clark.

The final sneaker art objects and photographs were exhibited and sold during the opening reception at Public Functionary. The event included music by DJ Chuck Chizzel, drinks, and media, with local fashion leaders, fashionistas, art lovers, artists, and photographers in attendance.

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MN4MN Blank Canvas Exhibition #1 at the MIA