Blank Canvas Exhibition #3

MN4MN Blank Canvas Exhibition #3 explored the intersection of design, art, and fashion by featuring a curated selection of Minnesota’s best designers, artists, and models in a unique collaboration.

In many African cultures, colorful prints have long represented a way in which stories were told. The wax fabrics are cultural mirrors showcasing everyday life. Additionally, various prints represent events honoring the beginning of life, the mingling of hearts, or the end. Using African prints as the backdrop for Blank Canvas 2017, artists and collaborators explored how these prints could be incorporated to reflect the diversity of influences in the Twin Cities, in addition to denim, an everyday staple.

Featured designers were Gabriella Kalema and Raquel Redmond. Artists included Arianne Zager, Christina Ridolfi, Christopher-Aaron Deanes, Kada Goalen, Lissa Karpeh, Adetomiwa Ómò Oba Gbadebo, and Ron Brown.

The final art objects were exhibited and sold at the opening reception. Katie Lietz and Tressie Schneider did hair and makeup. The stylist was Ethelind Belle. The fashion presentation was produced by Richard Moody and featured 10 of Minnesota’s best models.

Fashion Show Photos

The Event Photos